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Multidisciplinary team committed to overcoming challenges, to do more and better, always in a creative way.


Utd is a communication and marketing company located in the centre of Tomar. Created in 2011, in partnership with the Mateus Group, it was created with the objective of giving full support to the development of the companies belonging to the Group, through the creation of communication strategies and solutions, in the most varied media. From an early age we began to be asked to develop new projects, with clients such as Licor Beirão, Stara and Tomar and Almodôvar Municipal Councils, among others.

In constant growth and evolution, in 2014 we officially launched the microsite service. In order to be able to provide quality answers to the small and micro business, we have created a low cost solution, which allows the customer to have a set of communication elements that are essential to have a presence in the market.

Today, through a multidisciplinary team, utd is proud to have clients such as Trivago, the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, the National Museum of Ancient Art, among others. With the ability to be able to answer the most diverse problems of our customers, we develop communication solutions in various areas of activity. We design brands, ideas, products, services, events, companies and other types of ideas. If it is possible to communicate, we can do it.